Poster Overview

​Thursday, march 2, 2017

Below are the Poster Sessions seperated by day and by topic:

Poster Session 1                               Board Number

Basic Science: Animal Models​001-007
Basic Science: Immunology​008-027
Clinical Research: HPV Diagnostics and Biomarkers​122-217
​Public Health / Epidemiology: Epidemiology: Natural History /Burden/Risk Factors​366a-466


Poster Session 2                                Board Number

Basic Science: Papillomavirus Vaccines ​ 028-044
​Basic Science: Transformation and Carcinogenesis ​055-067a
​Basic Science: Structural Biology ​068-068a
Basic Science: Virus Life Cycle​087-091
​Basic Science: Taxonomy​092-094
Clinical Research: Cervical Cancer and Its Precursors​ 218-246
​Clinical Research: Anal Cancer and Its Precursors ​247-263
Clinical Research: Penile, Vulvar and Vaginal Cancer and Its Precursors ​264-267
​Clinical Research: Prophylactic and Therapeutic HPV Vaccines : Clinical Aspects​ 302-322
​Public Health / Epidemiology : Economics and Mathematical Modelling ​350-366
Public Health / Epidemiology : Vaccination Programs: Implementation , Evaluation and Impact​543-595
​Public Health / Epidemiology : Control Of HPV In Low Resource Settings ​636-650a
​Public Health / Epidemiology : Other Public Health /Epidemiology Research​651-675

Saturday, march 4, 2017

Poster Session 3                               Board Number

Basic Science: Virus - Host Interactions​069-086
Basic Science: Regulation of Gene Expression ​ 045-054
Basic Science: Other Basic Research ​ 095-121
Clinical Research: Oropharyngeal , Head and Neck Cancer​268-294
​Clinical Research: Papillomas and Warts ​ 295-301
Clinical Research: Impact of Co-Infections Including HIV​ 323-326
Clinical Research: Low Resource Settings - Screening and Treatment ​327-337
Clinical Research: Other Clinical Research​338-349
Public Health / Epidemiology: Screening Programs: Implementation , Evaluation and Impact ​467-542
Public Health / Epidemiology: Social/Behavioral ​596-635

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